Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Countdown to Class

Hey, you. I've missed your face. You should stop by here more often.

While you're here I might as well let you in on the goings on in my mind right now.

I'm currently waiting for the dreadful moment when I have to put real pants on and leave for class. It's not that I'm not going to enjoy class. I'm actually probably going to really love class today. It's Television/Video Production Planning and today we find out what part of the team we got hired as for BECA Fest**! Cross your fingers I'm a scriptwriter!

Anyway, the moment will not be dreadful because I have to go somewhere. It's the act of putting pants on, really. Life would be so much easier if sweats were seen as acceptable things to wear on your legs in public.

I am also currently listening to a band I just found out about in the past hour called Leftover Cuties. Their music is so fun! Kind of a mix between She & Him and Pomplamoose. Here's a link to their website so you can check them out: All of their music is also on Spotify if you're into that (I am so into that).

Alright, well I should probably get going. Putting on pants and shoes and packing a snack. You know girl's gonna get hungry during this three hour class.

Thanks for stopping by!

**BECA Fest is an awards show that honors the best projects students in the BECA department created throughout the school year

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