Friday, October 11, 2013

Marno loves autumn

Okay. I get it now. I understand the Pumpkin Spice Latte craze. I am officially a ~white girl.~

Last night I went to Starbucks with my friends, Michelle and Dacia. Michelle (who is also my roommate and yes we have the same name, I'll discuss that at another time) had tasted the perfectly Autumnal delicious beverage before. However, Dacia and I had never even had a sip. It was our ~first time~ ordering ~PSLs.~

I ordered mine with soy milk because I wasn't really in the mood to shit my pants, but I still got whipped cream because I CAN, OKAY. Yeah, I know it's stupid if I get soy milk but still get whipped cream because whipped cream is dairy and so doesn't that affect my lactose intolerance and blah blah blah. Well actually, things like cream and cheese just make me gassy and I don't mind a few farts here and there. But drinking actual milk is what will keep me on the porcelain throne for hours. So it's all soy or Lactaid for me!

Back to my drink order... I actually ordered my #psl in these exact words, "Can I get a pumpkin spice latte with soy? And can I get whipped cream? Yeah, I'm going to be that asshole that gets whipped cream with soy." The barista laughed. I love making people laugh. It makes me feel powerful. Like, "Ha! I just MADE you laugh with my WORDS. You wouldn't have laughed if I didn't say those things, in that order, in that way." I'm weird. I know.

So after I successfully forced the barista to laugh at my words, my drink was made, and the fateful moment was upon me. They called my order. I saw my cup. I grabbed it, took off the lid so I could properly see the drink in all its beauty, and took a sip. 

It was so good. Like. SO GOOD. And I kind of hated how much I enjoyed it when I first started drinking it because like, come on. I know everyone always talks about it and waits all year for it and whatever, but it could not be THAT good. But it was. And it is. Such a quality drink. Even the after taste was good! I loved every moment that I sipped my PSL and if I could relive it, I would. I love pumpkin spice lattes. I love pumpkin spice lattes and I am not afraid to say it. I'M IN LOVE, I'M IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

~my first psl~ 
I am now part of the cliché group of young women that "love Autumn" and can't wait to get our hands on our next cup of "PSL." But do you know what? I loved Autumn before I tried the pumpkin spice latte and before I was even aware that it was a cliché to enjoy the season. Autumn is just a really good season, okay? The weather, the colors, HALLOWEEN. I am an Autumn lover. An autumnophile, if you will. I am Marno and I love Autumn.



  1. "Ha! I just MADE you laugh with my WORDS."
    You did with this, you prick. :]

    1. Hehehe I'm glad I did! :)
      Thanks for reading, friend!