Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Currently blasting Beyoncé's flawless song... "Flawless." I highly recommend listening to it RIGHT NOW. You'll feel empowered. Just do it. It's right there. I literally did 90% of the work for you. All you have to do is press play. Wow. That's a good motto or tagline or whatever. "All you have to do is press play." Am I good with words? My roommates call me "the Word Person." Maybe... they're right?? Who knows. JUST CLICK THE BUTTON. GAWD.

Okay. So now that you're vibin' with me... Take 3 shots of vodka so you can get on my level. Also start moving out of your current shit hole house (literally a shit hole - there are mouse poops EVERYWHERE) into a new nice clean mousie-free place. Okay, now you are on my level for real. You also got to make sure you have FANtastic roommates. Emphasis on the FAN because we are all truly fans of each other. So much support, youknowwhatimean.

Alright, so there me be a few elements you need to get to be on my exact level, but whatever. Just listen to Beyoncé and maybe do some shots. You'll feel great, I promise.

Did you do it? (I'm assuming you're answering "yes" because why wouldn't you?)



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