Monday, November 4, 2013

Marno loves Halloween

Halloween has come and gone and somehow it is already November 4th. What. I don't get time. It's not even a thing anymore.

This Halloween was not as eventful as last year's party-all-week-long-extravaganza, but it was fulfilling all the same.

Tuesday, my boss gave me two lil white squash for me to carve. Such a sweet lady. Luh her. So that afternoon I got home, pumped up some Nightmare Before Christmas jams, and got to carving...

Oogie Boogie (left) & Jack Skellington (right)

As a huge fan of the Nightmare before Christmas, Oogie and Jack were obvious choices to carve into the little white squash.

After carving those lil guys, I HAD to carve a normal sized pumpkin. So I ran up the street to Safeway, picked up one of the five pumpkins they had (seriously, their pumpkin selection was suuuuper disappointing), and ran home.

I then proceeded to take half an hour to decide what I would carve into it. I narrowed my choices down to Lock, Shock, and Barrel (from the Nightmare Before Christmas), a classic jack-o-lantern, a scary jack-o-lantern, the Deathly Hallows, or the scene from the Nightmare Before Christmas when Jack is on top of the super Tim Burtoney spiral hill thing. I went with the hill thing...

Oh Jack. So dramatic.

The process of carving this bad-boy was not easy. Like the idiot I am, I didn't buy any pumpkin carving tools. So all I had to use were regular ol' kitchen knives. That definitely made the small details much more difficult than they should have been. The large hole and the hill were simple enough. 

Carving Jack on the other hand, was as dramatic as he is. He is so skinny and dramatic! The first carving of him was so bad I just chopped him off and carved a separate one (pictured above) and stuck him into the pumpkin with a toothpick. That is why his left leg is much wider than his right leg; I had to make it large enough so I could stick the toothpick through it. Zero was also stuck in with a toothpick which had to be done since he's a floating ghost dog and all.

I feel super Halloweenie when I carve pumpkins. Something about the smell of the freshly carved pumpkin and the fear of slicing my hand off really gets me in the spirit of the season.

The other thing that I cannot go a Halloween without doing is dressing up. This year I made my costume all the way back in August when I had nothing to do. I figured, I'm usually scrounging around and making last-minute costumes because Halloween is always during midterms so I might as well have fun and make it when I have time. No regrets there. 

Also, totally not saying that my Halloween costumes aren't usually on point just because of the lack of time. My Dorothy costume last year was da bomb. I made the skirt and suspenders by hand out of a $3 mens shirt. Yeah. I'm a crafty bitch. DIY QUEEN~~~

Back to this year... I was Lumpy Space Princess from the ~mathematical~ show, Adventure Time. (If you don't watch the show, then you most likely did not get that reference. I'm sorry. Watch the show. You won't regret it. Unless you hate it. Then I'm more sorry.)

Fabulously lumpy, I know.

I made the dress out of a $5 dress off Amazon and a bunch of tulle I basically stole from Joanne's thanks to a super great coup. I hot glued it all on in about 2 hours. (I only know the time frame because I started and completed it while watching a movie. The Zodiac, if you were wondering. Available on Netflix. 9/10 I'd recommend. And no this is not a sponsored post. Pah. I wish.) I couldn't feel my fingertips for the rest of the day. Tulle is really hard to hot glue without getting it on your fingers! That shit just oozes on through!

I got the wig off Amazon for $16. Once again, highway robbery. A wig of that quality can reach upwards of $80. Absurdity. I cut the bangs myself. Definitely made the look. 

I topped the costume with a yellow star cut out of a Forever21 shopping bag. Sturdier than paper. Yeah, I know I'm a genius. You don't need to tell me. 

I'm also wearing my purple flats, but you can't see them in the picture. 

Halloween day, I had class from 9am to 10:30am and then another class from 6pm to 8pm. Bust. Also, I couldn't wear the complete outfit I had planned in the morning because I had to dress as a stupid news anchor for Media Performance. I did wear a cute outfit for my news report though.

I'm going to post this sometime this week as a #latergram #ootd post on Instagram. Don't tell. 

blazer & scarf: my roommate Kiley's closet
tank & skirt: H&M
tights: idk, Target?
shoes: pretty sure Target

After class, I went home, took off the blazer, changed from my tank into my Nightmare Before Christmas tee, and threw on my black cardigan. Sorry I don't have a pic.

After my night class, I went home and changed into my LSP costume. It was great. My roommates, my friend Vanessa, and I all dressed up and took pictures and then changed into comfy clothes (typical) and watched American Horror Story. It was a grand ol' time. 

Some pictures pre-comfy clothes...

(from left to right) Vanessa- squirrel; Boccia- cat; Cierra- biker chick;
 me- lump off, Mom; Kiley- Mary Poppins; Bailey- leopard

Overall, a pretty great Halloween. Costumes, candy, comfort, craziness, cackling (aka laughter... I'm really pulling for the alliteration right now guys). Some of my favorite things.

I hope your Halloween was as sweet as mine!

I would LOVE to hear about your costumes! Let me know in the comments below :)

P.S. I want to dye my hair lavender even more now. UGH.

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